We advise boards of directors, management and communications professionals facing litigation, management changes, bankruptcies, regulatory matters and other financially material issues. We help them prepare for, manage and capitalize on these critical communications events. We work with them to find the best way to protect their company’s reputation and we provide the resources, experience and media networks to execute their communication strategies effectively.

Litigation Communications

Litigation communications requires thorough planning, quick response and strong media relations that are properly aligned with our clients’ legal strategies and reputation objectives. Our experience includes M&A-related and shareholder litigation, regulatory matters, contract disputes, employee complaints and intellectual property and patent disputes. Our team includes former attorneys and reporters who are experienced in advising clients’ legal advisors to assess, prepare and act on communications milestones.

CEO Transitions

Key management transitions in an organization can be disruptive and worrisome for many audiences if they’re not communicated properly. The best management transitions are well planned and carefully implemented to demonstrate control and continuity in leadership. We work with our clients to evaluate the most effective communications program – understanding the circumstances of the outgoing leader, the incoming successor (if decided) and the current perceptions of the company. We then help design and implement an integrated communications plan that appropriately addresses all key audiences.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Significant restructurings and bankruptcies are highly sensitive periods that can cause havoc for all company stakeholders. The primary objective of our communication counsel and support is to allow the company to continue operating to the fullest extent possible so that it can implement the restructuring and pave the way for a better future. Our team provides specific expertise in media relations, investor relations, internal communications, and customer and vendor communications to help companies successfully restructure.

Financially Material Issues

We provide strategic counsel and tactical support for unplanned announcements that are financially material to our clients’ businesses. These include earnings restatements, financial crises or other unexpected matters that may threaten business operations or reputation. Our team partners to protect the value and integrity of the company.