Building trust with the future generation of consumers

Speak with any CMO today and within minutes we guarantee they will bring up Gen Z. This generations’ influence is felt in every corner of our industry, whether its cancel culture and brand reputation, marketing missteps and trending content, or adaptation of new technologies and social advocacy. The demand for Gen Z input and expertise has been unprecedented, which is why in 2022 Edelman appointed the world’s first ZEO and launched The Gen Z Lab, a unique dedicated advisory comprised of 250+ Edelman Gen Zers from around the globe designed to help brands future-proof their business for the next generation of consumers.

With a dedicated data hub, external advisory board, and expertise across all sectors and disciplines, Edelman’s Gen Z Lab was built to alleviate these fears and bring Gen Z and the C-suite closer together in order to take collective action.


Harris Reed

Meet the Gen Z Brand Whisperers

Earlier this year, The Guardian sat down with Edelman’s Gen Z Lab and ZEO for an in-depth look at our process, cultural insights, and working relationship with clients. They uncovered a world in which Gen Z has a seat at the table, alongside their C-suite counterparts, with the ultimate goal of helping to transform how modern business is done, often counseling on issues on diversity, identity, inclusivity, social justice, and climate change, and helping brands with their advertising and corporate activism.

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Gen Z by the Numbers


in spending power


global Gen Z population


of Gen Z are belief-driven buyers

Debunking Gen Z Myths



Gen Z all want to be influencers.


Only 12% aspire to be an influencer.


Gen Z are bold, bullish activists.


66% believe that sharing is a form of activism (and it’s not radical).


Gen Z mobilizes cancel culture.


It’s about accountability. 1 in 3 want brands to take responsibility for wrongdoing.


In TikTok they trust.


YouTube is the most trusted, while TikTok ranks #5.

How we help clients

Instant Surveys & Data Hub

In addition to our ongoing research driven by Edelman’s powerful human intelligence tools, we also conduct instant surveys and information sessions, gleaning the latest POVs from Gen Z on any topic.

Inspiration & Immersion

We leverage a curated bench of cultural thought leaders from across industries to bring external perspective and strategic insights to brands. As Gen Z changes the world, we bring the world in.

Insights & Strategy

A team of real Gen Z’ers across Edelman’s network of sectors and expertise are ready to influence strategies, ideas, and offer real perspective. We publish a regular cadence of POVs on pressing, real-time issues and opportunities for clients.

Creative &

Tap the mind of Harris Reed and our Gen Z squad for cultural touchstone and creative inspiration. They advise on creative strategy with purpose and business impact at the heart.

Reputation & Cultural Protection

See the crisis before it happens. The Gen Z Lab can help identify potential pitfalls before they happen, and ensure brands build authentic cultural caché to back it up.

The Lab in Action


Latest Gen Z Insights


Building a Resilient, Trustworthy Brand for the Next Generation

Resiliency seems to be the mantra of our moment. In a volatile world rife with complexity and crisis, consumers are facing new pressures.

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Why influencer marketing hits home for Gen Z

Influencer marketing is the new way to connect with younger audiences, but authenticity is of paramount importance, argues Edelman’s Jasmine Jordan.

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The best way to earn Gen Z’s trust is to do what they do: Question everything

They have the power to influence for the greater good, and you have the power and scale to help them.

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4 Crucial Business Trends According to Gen Z

As business leaders begin (and continue) to set course for 2023, they face more uncertainty than ever.

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Meet Our Gen Z Ambassadors

Representing their generation and local region this super squad of Gen Zers has expertise across retail, influencer marketing, energy, brand purpose, strategy, brand reputation, content creation, and more.



Alison Lau

Hong Kong, China, Brand

Bethanie Tsang

Hong Kong, China, Brand

Aliya Mahimtura

Mumbai, India, Brand


Evan Wong

Toronto, ON, Digital

Alexa Bloom

Toronto, ON, Health

Kellie Williamson

Toronto, ON, Corporate/Digital

Caelan McMichael

Toronto, ON, Brand

Gabriel Lee-Steed

Montreal, QC, Influence Marketing


Jaden Haynes

London, UK, Tech

Bianca Brown

London, UK, Digital

Nele Marin

Hamburg, Germany, Brand

Nico Chiffrin

Paris, France, Brand

Judith Lleixà

Madrid, Spain, Brand

Nancy Weiss

Paris, France, Data & Intelligence

Emma Camerino

Milan, Italy, Brand

Noora Fairooz

Dubai, UAE, Reputation


Fortuna Osorio

Mexico City, Mexico, Global Advisory

Carolina Kimura

São Paulo, Brazil, Corporate/Digital

Camila Garay

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Corporate

Maria Camila Moreno

Bogotá, Colombia, Brand

Diana Vélez

Bogotá, Colombia, Corporate


Nicholas Budler

San Francisco, CA, Digital

Liz Bitzer

Chicago, IL, Digital

Laura Montilla

Los Angeles, CA, Digital

Allen Pham

Austin, TX, Corporate

Destiny Kelley

Houston, TX, Energy

Olivia Tompkins

Washington, D.C., Corporate

Jasmine Jordan

Chicago, IL, Influence Marketing

Gabe Gomez

New York, NY, Digital

Caroline Tortorella

New York, NY, Health

Giselle Huasipoma

New York, NY, Influence Marketing

Bella Baldoni

Washington, D.C., Digital

Lab Leadership


Harris Reed

ZEO of Edelman’s Gen Z Lab

Jackie Cooper

‪Founder, Edelman’s Gen Z Lab
Senior Advisor and Global Chief Brand Officer

Amanda Edelman

Chief Operating Officer, Edelman’s Gen Z Lab

Courtney Miller

‪Global Strategy Lead, Edelman’s Gen Z Lab


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