The big day has finally arrived. Tory and Dan have walked down the aisle, sealing the deal. Dan, now it is safe to tell you a few stories about your new bride.

Tory has always been irrepressible. I took her to the Natural History Museum with Margot when she was two. We were at the Africa exhibit. I was pursuing Margot, who had wandered away. Suddenly the alarms go off because Tory has climbed up on the elephants and is standing with her hands on hips and a big grin on her face. We were promptly thrown out of the Museum.

She is the alpha in the room. She knows how to get what she wants. When she was a kid, she would raise her arms and shout, “Uppie” until I put her on my shoulders and carried her around the neighborhood. Amanda came along and Tory was displaced in the stroller, until Tory invented the “riding double” trick. That worked until the stroller broke.

This is a girl who knows how to love life and have fun. Tory’s distinguishing feature is her huge smile. She has an innate sense that all will be well. Even when she gets angry, she never holds a grudge. She's like a perfect day in May: Even if it rains, it only serves to clear the air and make everything feel more alive.

She is the glue of our clan, with deep reverence for tradition. I organized Kid’s Day every summer, with sack races, balloon tosses, and pie-eating contests. Now this carries on with Tory as camp counselor, with important innovations such as beer pong.

Tory is brave and tough. She had to wear a patch for a year to cure her lazy eye but even with one eye she ran around the house with abandon. She played through an ankle sprain to win a championship for her basketball team. She comes up big when it matters.

She is the best friend you could ever have. For all of you here today from Trinity, Bowdoin and HBS, you know how loyal and connected she has been. She weeps with you when you are sad, she parties with you at the drop of a hat, she puts all of you together in Tory World.

Dan, welcome to the family. You have been a singular force for good since the day I met you. Your commitment to the kids you teach in the South Bronx, your belief in a fair society, and your ability to navigate the sometimes complex family dynamic make you a perfect partner for my Tory.

Tory, I love you more than the world. Dan, you and Tory will be a magical couple. I am looking forward to many happy years for the two of you. Talk a lot, share your lives, your fears and feelings. Be spontaneous in having fun and generous with your time with your kids. Aim high and do something important. You are off on the adventure of your life.

Now on with the party.

Richard Edelman is CEO.