This is the first shot at blogging by this CEO. My intention is share trends in communications, the issues, lessons and insights that I gather from managing this firm.

Why 6 AM?–because I wake up early and hope to get you some useful insights as you come in to work. I plan to post weekly, and by calling it 6am, rather than say, Every Monday, so I’ll have a little wiggle room in terms of when I post!

Just a few rules for me. Don’t expect any shortened phrases like GTG or 4U. I will tell you as much as I can about specific issues but some times I will not be able to tell you everything. And I want feedback, blunt and quick. I will get back to you unless I am just wrong.

So here goes:

Attended a speech by pollster Peter Hart entitled “The New Persuasion.” These are mostly findings from US research, but parts are relevant to whole world. Some major trends include Personalization (a statistic I find hard to believe but they say is true–39% of Americans under 21 have a tattoo or body piercing). There are 3 kinds of loyalty: based on convenience, coercion (loyalty programs like frequent flyer) and commitment based on brands we grew up with.

New Rules of Engagement–transparency, consistency, and respect. People want privacy out of a relationship. They also want a dialogue with a company. Companies’ demonstrate respect by providing great service, treating employees well and through an ethical approach to sourcing and business. Respect is personal — respect my wallet (don’t rip me off) and respect my time.

A few random statistics that might paint a picture

  • 30 million Americans used on line dating services last month.
  • 52% of Americans know the name of their neighbor’s dog but not name of neighbor
  • 50% of American kids grow up in a single parent home
  • Participation in tennis and baseball down 25% among kids in past 15 years.
  • More Americans used a skateboard in 2003 than played baseball
  • There are 191 reality TV shows now on air in US, up from 34 in year 2000
  • Average American home grew in size from 1400 feet in 1980 to 2200 feet in 2003