Edelman Riyadh office is an award-winning office offering strategic communications and counsel to key clients in Saudi Arabia ranging from local to regional and global institutions. Located at the heart of the dynamic and growth driven capital city of Saudi Arabia, we deliver innovative solutions and inspire trust and continuity from our clients.

Our multinational team combines deep local knowledge and know-how working closely with Edelman’s extensive global network of specialized talent across diverse fields such as technology, energy, finance, culture, tourism, amongst others.

Since the founding of our office in Riyadh (2017) we have expanded our capabilities and employed a multifaceted and integrated approach to offer unique solutions based on Edelman’s proprietary research tools and strategic insights. Our services range from developing strategic communications, branding, media relations, creative content, crisis management, leadership positioning to media monitoring and analytics.

Today we are positioned to effectively deliver the objectives and aspirations of our clients as our most valued partners. Edelman Riyadh is distinguished by the strength of our team, the quality of our work and an unmatched dedication to our clients.