Earned Brand 2016

  Earned Brand 2016

  Earned Brand 2016

The 2016 EARNED BRAND study is a global online survey of 13,000 consumers in 13 countries that examines the consumer-brand relationship across 18 brand categories.

The Edelman Brand Relationship Index is the first-ever measure of the strength of the relationship between consumers and brands. Survey respondents evaluated seven dimensions of their relationship with a favorite brand by selecting one of five statements that best describes the relationship. The resulting index score, on a scale of 0-100, is an average of the seven dimensions.

Click here to explore global results and the Edelman Brand Relationship Index below to display index scores by country, brand category, or a combination of both.

Our first-ever Multicultural Earned Brand report includes an oversample of U.S. multicultural audiences (African American and Latino) and explores the unique ways they interact with brands.

Edelman Brand Relationship Index 

Learn how the Edelman Brand Relationship Index measures the strength of the consumer-brand relationship and helps brands determine which actions to take to create more committed consumers, protect against category disruption, and drive sales.

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44Embodies unique character
38Makes its mark
34Tells a memorable story
35Listens openly, responds selectively
39Invites sharing, inspires partnership
42Builds trust at every touchpoint
33Acts with purpose
38Edelman Brand Relationship Index
Indifferent0-6I may buy/use your product, but I don’t really put much thought into it.
Interested7-26I know a little about you, beyond your product. I am making an educated choice
Involved27-43Given a choice, I would pick your brand. I appreciate what you stand for.
Invested44-69We share common values and see the world in a similar way.
Committed70-100We do things together and for each other. We share a past and a future.