At Edelman, we have been studying trust in institutions for over 20 years. We have learned that trust is a result of not only demonstrating competence – but also regularly proving it through ethics, and when one institution fails, another generally helps pick up the slack to drive things forward. We have also discovered the extent to which Covid-19 has turned eyes on business for tangible solutions to real problems, reinforcing the importance for business and brands to step in and act. Never has this been more true for food and beverage brands and business.

To help understand and navigate the complexities of trust within the world of F&B we have created Eat. Drink. Trust. Explore the findings of our report in more detail here, including how trust is faring in the industry overall, how this impacts people’s relationship with different categories, a closer look at key tensions in the F&B industry, and what companies can do to build trust and resilience.

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