When product launches, operational changes or large-scale corporate transformations are unsuccessful, the cause often can be traced back to a failure to account for human behavior. Our Behavioral Science offering helps our clients gain human behavior insights that improve their business outcomes while creating better experiences for their employees and other stakeholders.

Our Behavioral Science team counsels clients across disciplines, including communications, strategy, HR, finance, product and operations, to bring about behavior changes that must precede brand or product repositioning, culture change, portfolio realignment and reputation recovery.

Knowing that behavior is shaped by a person’s predispositions, experiences and environment, we design programs that incorporate behavior research and “human-centricity” that enable clients to make better strategic decisions—and get intended results. We partner with researchers at the Harvard Business School to ensure our guidance remains anchored in academic rigor and proven methodologies.

Our approach to addressing a client challenge includes a period of analysis, followed by controlled testing of our strategy. We follow a four-step process:

Diagnose: In close partnership with our clients, we identify desired business outcomes and diagnose the human behaviors that are critical to achieving the objectives.

Design: With the desired outcomes and human experience in mind, we custom-create small-scale interventions that are then tested in measurable randomized control trials. This allows us to scrutinize multiple interventions and identify which is best suited to yield the necessary behavior changes.

Deploy: Once we have found the most effective intervention, we test the trial again, this time among small groups of a target audience to prove its diagnosis and design. We alter our approach as needed.

Duplicate: After confirming our course of action, we scale up our interventions to prompt the new behaviors across a department, a business unit or even an entire organization.

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