We've worked with clean tech for almost a decade, long before climate change became a buzzword. Our clients include renewable energy companies, water management firms and bioscience clients, among others. We view our clients as pioneers who are crafting scientific breakthroughs that will help change our lives and building smart businesses that will create jobs to help rebuild our economy. We represent the businesses that are doing the right thing for our climate and future, while helping to drive global business.

Our clean tech team believes that for these emerging companies to come alive, they need a voice. We take the deep science of many of these companies – often dense and difficult to understand – and bring it to life for consumers, policy makers and investors.

Our approach allows us to help build brands, bring companies to market and help clients get a foothold in an enormously competitive market. For clean tech to grow and thrive, companies need to clearly articulate their vision, purpose and business model. That’s our mission. But finding our companies’ stories and clarifying their vision is only one part of the process. We have more than 50 clean tech experts – scientists, communications experts and media pros – that provide the best strategy, approach and counsel; place stories in critical publications and websites and position executives as thought leaders.