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Welcome to 2024! As you and your team are planning your digital and social marketing strategy for the year, what innovations are you embracing, and which social trends are you leaving behind? Edelman’s team of social and digital experts have spent the past two months analyzing the landscape, scouring the internet, and stalking brand feeds to compile what best-in-class engagement will look like in 2024. They’ve considered everything from CEOs embracing their dual role as both business leader and content creator to the upgrades that should be made to your internal content approval processes.

This playbook is for any digital marketer or social media manager looking to start 2024 with the right strategy in place. One that embraces AI thoughtfully and abandons social trends that distract from the bottom line.

Digital Predictions





For anyone who works in digital marketing

An insights-based and expertly-sourced compilation of predictions that will help brands leverage the strategic directions and technological advancements poised to influence our industry this year.







For social media managers and teams

A complete run down of the social trends and brand behaviors that need to stay behind in 2023, and new practices that should be embraced to drive social audiences to action in 2024.



Digital Predictions

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