Position on Energy and the Environment

Edelman works with a wide range of companies, associations and organizations across every sector of the global energy industry, from fossil fuels and utilities, to alternative and renewable energy providers and clean tech companies, to government agencies, NGOs and citizen coalitions. We are committed to honesty and transparency in all of our work and adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing the interests of our clients as to their role in society, and in communicating with the public.

We are proud of the work we do to support our energy clients as they work to reduce emissions while continuing to provide reliable, affordable, and ever cleaner energy to meet the demands of a growing global population. Like our clients, we believe that business, government and society must work together to address climate change while supporting the economic recovery and growth required to improve people’s lives and create opportunities for billions of people around the world.

We are committed to helping meet this challenge by supporting efforts by all stakeholders to advance the development of sustainable solutions and meet ambitious emissions goals as soon as possible. This includes working with clients to participate in open dialogue around energy and climate issues, from public policy debates to shifts in public opinion, with the goal of making meaningful progress on these shared global challenges.