We seamlessly enlist a host of other services through our specialists in digital communications, public and regulatory affairs, employee engagement and a number of other areas. This is coupled with deep subject matter expertise in virtually every industry vertical including energy, health care, technology and consumer goods.

Digital Financial Communications

In recent years, our dedicated digital strategists have infused online and social media communications into a series of proxy contests, mergers and corporate turnarounds. This includes launching high-profile transaction websites, advising companies on how to counter digital-savvy activist shareholders, positioning C-suite executives on social media and supporting investor relations teams by using analytics to decipher shareholder trends. We continue to apply these experiences to the latest digital and investor trends in order to communicate performance, strategy and fair valuation.

Financial Public Affairs

Located in Washington, D.C. and led by senior counselors with extensive political experience, we advise the senior management of commercial and investment banks, managed investment funds, private equity groups and trade associations on policy and related reputation matters. This includes executing inside-the-beltway political communications and broader public affairs campaigns aligned to legislative, regulatory and market objectives.

Our value is the ability to influence decision-makers in Congress, Cabinet offices, federal regulatory agencies, the White House and at the state level on today’s key issues.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are individuals who are always looking for ways to create additional value for their business. Following a merger or transformative event, our team of experts work with clients to accelerate their business performance by helping them engage employees, through the establishment of meaningful connections that build trust. We connect employees with their company, with each other, and with the outside world — positioning them to serve as trusted spokespersons for their companies as well.