Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and spinoffs are critical points in an organization’s growth and development — providing opportunities to achieve new levels of brand visibility while granting a company access to the benefits as well as rigors associated with public capital markets.

We partner with fast-growing companies and established brands to help them prepare for and execute successful IPOs or spinoffs. In both instances, we start by helping our clients develop and articulate a compelling value proposition to the investment community and their broader stakeholders.

We provide strategic counsel to our clients throughout each step of the offering listing process, including:


  • Public relations support to drive visibility and brand recognition in advance of the “quiet period”

  • Message development to articulate the company’s positioning, growth strategy, investment thesis and rationale for going public

  • Counsel and support in building an investor relations function, including the tools and resources that will be required for optimal shareholder engagement

  • Preparation for public status, including employee training and Regulation Fair Disclosure practices

  • Executive training, including preparation for the pre-listing road show

Listing Day

  • Planning for listing day communications and promotional activities

  • Guidance and support in implementing approved media outreach and press relations

  • Training for media interviews

  • Support for employee events and communications


  • Support with earnings announcements

  • Creating integrated investor relations and public relations programs

  • Ongoing communications counsel

  • Guidance policy

Our team of specialists includes former lawyers, financial journalists and bankers who have deep experience in all the phases of the listing process. We also have the benefit of Edelman’s full suite of practices and can bring in experts in employee, crisis and digital communications to best meet our clients’ needs.