Why the Longevity Lab?

We are the global source on how to find, engage, and deliver successful commercial relationships and marketing efforts that win the loyalty and economic stakes of this generation. With over 20 years of analyzing trust, we offer insights into generational influence, ensuring your brand resonates with the 55+ demographic.


Publication 2023

Five Reasons Why … Edelman Has Formed The Longevity Lab

The over-50s are responsible for half of all global spending but one of the most overlooked demographic. Edelman's new launch aims to help brands reach this audience, and what it means for institutions responsible for the wellbeing of patients, employees, and consumers.


Why it Matters

$15 Trillion

Projected spending by the 55+ demographic by 2030.


Share of global spending in key consumer categories by those aged 50


Percentage willing to make lifestyle changes for sustainability

Longevity Lab Offerings

Inspiration Sessions

Deliver engaging sessions at large events.

Team Presentations

Present insights directly from the 55+ audience.


Tailored multi-day sessions.

Focus Groups

Face-to-face sessions with bespoke groups.

Embedded Counsel

Regular strategic input from 55+ experts.

Topical Expertise

Recommendations for influencers and speakers.

Qualitative Surveys

Gather insights through surveys.

Consumer Insights

Create bespoke surveys for critical data.

Intergenerational Immersion

Explore interconnected influence of Gen Z and Boomers.

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