Wellness lives at the white-hot center of everything. How we eat, sleep, feel, think and care for ourselves and each other has become a daily practice and a cultural phenomenon. Wellness has redefined what it means to be healthy -- mentally, physically and emotionally.

However, Wellness is not without its critics. As a category, Wellness can be viewed as “squishy,” expensive, and a lifestyle reserved for the elite. But you can’t argue with the facts: The Wellness industry, a $4.2 trillion business, continues to flourish across a range of sub-industries, including health, food and beverage, beauty, travel and technology, to name a few. According to our most recent Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in the consumer health sector in the United States rose seven points in 2018. The increasing availability and convenience of health and wellness products and services through online retail, as well as excitement around the category's continued growth, ubiquity and democratization, all likely play a role in higher levels of trust among consumers.

Whether you’re a wellness advocate, critic or skeptic, it's safe to say the business and practice of wellness is healthy, well and here to stay.

That’s why we’ve developed The Wellness Zeitgeist, a guide to nine trends dominating the Wellness landscape heading into 2020. They are based on a synthesis of secondary research we see happening in culture, consumer attitudes and behaviors, as well as what’s driving “the business of Wellness.”

Some of these trends may not be completely new to you, but we chose them because they are scaling fast and will only emerge stronger next year and beyond. Here are just of few of the top trends:

  • Young, Hip and Sober: People are coming together as a community to drink less in support of their wellbeing goals without giving up their social life.
  • Data-Driven Self-Care: Personalized data is helping people better understand their bio-individuality so they can define and activate self-care on their terms.
  • Dying Well: Boomers, the generation that redefined aging, are now redefining dying so they can live better.

Download the full report below to see the nine biggest trends driving wellness into 2020.

Full Report

Jen Hauser is general manager of Wellness 360, Health, New York. She is also the director of Wellness 360, a specialty group within Edelman that advises companies, brands and organizations on how to leverage the evolving consumer health landscape.