I am absolutely horrified by the terrorist actions of Hamas against Israeli civilians over the weekend. It is being described by the global media as Israel’s 9-11, with 800 Israelis and multiple other nationalities including 12 Thai, and nine Americans dead. We’ve checked on our affiliate in Israel and all their employees are safe.

The executions of 260 innocent concertgoers and abduction of women and children puts the Hamas militants in the same category as other terrorists we’ve seen around the world, despicable cowards without morality. Now nearly 500 Palestinians are dead in Israeli retaliatory raids, a cycle that ends only in mutually assured devastation and destruction.

The propaganda wars have ensued. I received shocking videos overnight including a seven-year-old Israeli boy captured by Hamas, being bullied by Palestinian youths. Meanwhile my social media feed is filled with images of grieving Palestinian mothers amid rubble in Gaza. The side-by-side images from the competing marches near the UN yesterday tell the story of two sides talking and nobody listening. Most foul is the inevitable politicization of the discourse, blaming relaxation of restraints on trade with Iran instead of concentrating on the humanitarian horror of the weekend. 

Our advice to clients is to communicate to employees your revulsion over the terrorist actions this past weekend and tell them what you are going to do. It’s imperative that you speak to your employees, don’t be silent. Businesses should either make donations or contributions in kind, for example pharmaceutical companies sending medical supplies. Additionally, you must create safe spaces for discussions with various audiences about how we must all campaign and work for peace and diplomacy around the globe.

Today, the DJE Foundation is sending $25,000 to Magen David Adom, the Israeli Red Star of David and $10,000 to the Red Cross to fund emergency relief and ambulance services for the victims.

Richard Edelman is CEO.