The past year-plus has featured myriad society-altering events. A global pandemic. A racial reckoning. An historically contentious election. All of these have changed the way we work and live, likely for good.

As brands have navigated this uncharted territory, comms pros have stepped up powerfully to cement their place in the C-suite more solidly than ever. They have done so by excelling at traditional tasks, while taking on lead roles in dealing with issues of risk, culture, and sales.

Yet when it comes to technology—both to help them do their jobs better and prove their impact to the powers that be—other disciplines remain ahead of PR. But that, too, is changing.

Late last year, we introduced CommsTech Solutions to provide communicators with the tools, technology and data to do their ever-expanding jobs better. And this is indeed a long play, as the need for a symbiotic relationship between PR and technology will only grow moving forward.

This user guide is a testament to that evolving partnership and how it will flourish in the near and long term. It details how advancing technology is helping PR pros take a lead role on key brand issues such as trust, employee engagement, driving demand generation, combatting disinformation and misinformation, and much more. And to bring this conversation to life, it also includes links to three roundtable discussions during which industry leaders delved deep into CommsTech and what it is doing—and still can do—for them.

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