"Let us not return to what was normal
but reach towards what is next."

—Amanda Gorman

As challenging as 2021 was, we continued to persevere and find new and encouraging ways to push through.

We should never forget that Influence and Influencers are pivotal channels in today's marketing ecosystem. However, we are still emerging, and at the root of Influence Marketing is storytelling with a human connection.

This year's trends report finds that balance, from the success of integrated programs and new levers of influence to the emergence of social commerce or iCommerce.

Our continued dedication to our ethos of Simple, Soulful, Purposeful, and Fearless partnered with our expanding talent, both internally and in our relationships with industry talent, make us excited for 2022 and the emergence of the trends in this report.

In that spirit, here is a summary of the trends that are shaping our industry:

  • The Power of Integrated Teams
    Agency program integration is seeded in deep knowledge of a brand’s history and audience to help build a resonant story across any medium.
  • New Levers of Influence
    Welcome to the dawn of the influencer of “all trades.” Whether it is an ambassador, strategist, impact officer or creative director, creators want a seat at the table.
  • Influencers and Brand Safety
    Influencers are seen as an extension of a brand’s mission & values, placing a greater importance on partnership identification and risk mitigation.
  • Social + Influencer Commerce
    Influencers will drive more direct sales as social commerce takes flight. A meteoric rise in social commerce is paving the way for “influencer commerce.”
  • The Rise of Highly Regulated Industries on Social
    Now that the metaverse and TikTok are allowing branded pharmaceutical and FinServ content in the influencer space, we are increasingly seeing brands partnering with creators.
  • Gen Z and the Demand for Social Change
    Gen Zers believe in the power of coming together to create change for the common good. So how does this become the main stay in creator brand partnerships?

As this list shows, Influence Marketing is being impacted by cultural, generational, and technological updates, and this report gives you additional insight and knowledge to help navigate the months ahead. We look forward to having a dialogue with you around our findings for 2022.



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