In August of 2022, we launched our Brands in the Verse: Platforms, Users & Opportunities report which provided a detailed look into all things Metaverse, including brand opportunities, platform overviews, audience profile, and brand use cases.

Since then, companies have continued to activate across the Metaverse and adjacent spaces, including the Alo Sanctuary in Roblox, Fidelity’s activation in Decentraland, and Ralph Lauren’s partnership with Fortnite.

Users remain excited about the opportunities that the Metaverse presents for self-expression, creativity, and connection.

Senior and C-Suite executives also see significant opportunities across virtual worlds and web3 technology. According to Bright Data, 70% of C-suite executives are either planning a metaverse strategy or already have begun implementation. Another study reported that 71% of executives believe that the Metaverse will have a positive impact on their organizations.

At Edelman, we believe the Metaverse is a white space opportunity for senior executives to directly engage their stakeholders– whether employees, partners, or customers. According to the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer, 74% expect CEOs to inform and shape conversations and policy debates on technology and automation; this will increasingly include virtual worlds, technologies, and web3 platforms that underpin the Metaverse.

In our latest report “Execs in the Verse” we explore a full spectrum of opportunities for thought leadership and executive engagement across the Metaverse and Web3. This spectrum ranges from relatively low investment opportunities to signal that the executive or company is tracking Metaverse developments to higher investment opportunities for an executive to personally engage in their brand’s Metaverse activations.

Metaverse Ways in for Company Leaders

metaverse infographic

In this report, you’ll understand what the Metaverse might have in store for executives, including:

  • Data on executive perceptions of the Metaverse and opportunities within it
  • How executives can engage with their audiences in the evolving ecosystem
  • How to prepare executives to participate in and approach opportunities in Metaverse spaces
  • How Edelman can help executives and their teams navigate the Metaverse ecosystem

We offer various workshops and opportunities for companies to immerse themselves in the Metaverse, including platform demos, immersion sessions, design-thinking workshops, and the development of Metaverse strategy. When working with executive teams, we marry our digital growth expertise and long-history of digital innovation with Edelman’s leadership position in C-suite counsel, executive trust and thought leadership.

Matt Collette is Managing Director, Global Digital Growth.

Marcia Newbert is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Digital in the U.S.