Mission is to “create what’s missing” for communities of color through creative advocacy

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) September 12, 2022 — Pharrell Williams has teamed up with marketing and communications giant Edelman and its sister agency UEG to launch Mighty Dream, a new creative advocacy agency. Mighty Dream will produce creative work that solves challenges facing communities of color through social action campaigns, product development and policy change.

“If someone asks me what inspires me, I always say, ‘That which is missing.” It’s the clearest path to being additive to society and finding new solutions for real problems,” said Williams, who will serve as co-Chair and Founder of the new entity. “Mighty Dream aims to create what’s missing — in creativity, in advocacy, in society.”

Staffed by majority BIPOC creatives, Mighty Dream will partner with brands in service of structural solutions to systemic issues such as food deserts, mental health, creditworthiness, and home ownership. Its staffing model will extend opportunity through education, apprenticeship, and employment, with a priority focus on partnerships with HBCUs.

“Edelman has long been a steward of impact in society, and a student of what it takes to drive cultural, structural, and policy change via the concerted effort of the private sector,” said Edelman U.S. CEO Lisa Osborne Ross, who will serve alongside Williams as Co-Chair and Founder in addition to her current role. “Mighty Dream is built for tangible, real-world outputs — and a direct continuation of the work we have shepherded to build trust, inspire social action, and drive policy change. For Black and Brown communities, it’s a creative advocacy agency that’s for us, by us.”

Mighty Dream’s launch comes on the heels of Williams’ work with Black Ambition, which seeks to motivate structural change through representation in entrepreneurship and venture capital, doing so while shining a light on HBCUs. Mighty Dream has parallel ambitions in the world of creators, brands and policymakers.

The agency is actively seeking creative talent and clients committed to making meaningful structural change. Later this year, Mighty Dream will host an eponymous annual session to determine the most important topics facing BIPOC communities.

In addition to Williams and Ross, the collective leadership of Mighty Dream will include Edelman’s Harshal Sisodia and Taj Reid, and United Entertainment Group’s Donald Franklin. The agency’s first hire is Todd Triplett, former Head of Creative Lab at TikTok.

For more information go to www.mightydream.co