As Germany’s capital, Berlin is the political hub of the country’s federal system. It is also a major actor in European and global politics, which is reflected in the city’s growing international responsibilities and the country’s impact on business markets throughout Europe.

Beyond politics, Berlin has increasingly gained significance as a pulsating hub for art and the most diverse subcultures – attracting creative professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world. This convergence of politics, creativity and start-up culture shapes a prolific setting for companies to innovate, connect and grow their cultural relevance.

Edelman Berlin forms a key point of access to politics and stakeholder audiences. We have expertise at leveraging at all relevant political channels in Germany – state, federal and European. By combining our political intelligence with our expertise in communications we help our clients meet their objectives.

Partnering with our other offices in Germany and worldwide, Edelman Berlin provides creative solutions for effective public affairs and government relations management. As a front-runner in digital and social media communications, we have a track record of developing and executing digital public affairs and advocacy campaigns.

Berlin is also home to the Creative team of Edelman Germany. With its focus on creative and innovative solutions it is an integral part of our wider digital offering and has helped Edelman to outdistance our peers, by offering a full suite of innovative, specialist solutions to clients across a wide range of industries.

The Berlin office is also home to the center of political economy and society (copes) – a platform for analyzing the interplay between business and politics. Copes focuses on the question of how to react to increasing alienation between these two. It further aims to develop an understanding of the changing processes of opinion formation and decision making in today’s volatile, complex and uncertain world.