We are celebrating International Women's Day by asking a senior leaders around the Edelman network to share advice for every young professional looking to advance in their career.

See what they had to say:

“Your passion, and not your gender defines your destiny. Think Michelle Obama, think Oprah Winfrey, think Meryl Streep, think Sheryl Sandberg. Think YOU, always.” ~ Mazuin Zin, managing director, Edelman Malaysia 


“Set your own agenda instead of allowing someone else to set it for you. It gives you the tremendous feeling of being able to decide for your own life, even if it also involves taking risks.” ~ Marion Darrieutort, general manager, Edelman Paris 


“Know the difference between taking responsibility for a mistake and asking for forgiveness; and the difference between being gracious and being grateful.” ~ Lisa Ross, president, Edelman Washington D.C. 


“I always had a strong point of view, but I wasn’t always comfortable sharing it. I wish I’d had the confidence to do so. Every conversation is power, so take advantage of the opportunity to speak up.” ~ Lisa Kimmel, president and CEO, Edelman Canada and global chair, Edelman GWEN


“Trust yourself; in your experience, your hard work and your intelligence. And never underestimated the power of your intuition. Our inner voice often leads us to build the courage to do the right thing.” ~ Mariana Sanz, general manager, Edelman Mexico 

Maggie Cassion is digital marketing lead, Edelman Global Marketing.