Global Report

The report, surveying 14,000 consumers in 14 countries, concludes that brands have an unprecedented responsibility to improve society.



Trust, the New Brand Equity

Richard Edelman, CEO

Now brands will need to operate at the intersection of culture, purpose and society. Brands need to be for the people, and guided by the people. Why? Because brand trust ranks higher than brand love.

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The New Brand Truth: Without Trust, We Can't Love

Jackie Cooper, Chief Brand Officer

Trust is the bedrock to unlocking deeper, more meaningful connections. But in today’s cultural landscape, fueled by the uncertainty of the pandemic, mistruths that have spread through the media (into our homes and hearts, seeding doubt), and the acknowledgment that we are more connected than ever has only intensified the need for trust.

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Global Launch Event

Richard Edelman unveiled findings from the report during our global virtual launch event, alongside a panel of esteemed leaders from brands including Microsoft and Good American.