Global Report

The report, surveying 7,000 employees in 7 countries, examines the new employee-employer contract, requiring business to take a much more ambitious role in society—on behalf of their employees.


Abstract Blocks

The Belief-Driven Employee

Richard Edelman, CEO

There is a new compact between employees and their employer that requires business to take a more ambitious role in society while recognizing their employees as the most important stakeholder.

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Belief-Driven Employees Require a New Employee Value Proposition

Cydney Roach, Global Chair of Employee Experience

Deeply held beliefs fuel a sense of personal empowerment and employees now expect more from employers, especially on employer commitments to critical social issues of the day.

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Global Launch Event

On Sept. 1, 2021, Richard Edelman unveils findings from the report during our global virtual launch event, alongside a panel of esteemed leaders from brands including Under Armour and ManpowerGroup.