While product innovation and competence have powered Tech’s high trust levels in years’ past, our latest research shows that increasing geopolitical challenges, a growing divide between developing and developed markets and a lack of societal leadership in the sector are putting Tech’s high trust at risk.


of people trust the technology sector.


of people’s definition of the sector includes social media and/or digital applications.

And respondents in developed markets are

less likely to trust the tech sector if social media is part of their definition.

Social media isn't the only influence on likelihood to distrust tech


In 14 out of 15 markets surveyed, respondents trust domestically-headquartered tech companies more than foreign-based tech companies. Why? Among those who distrust foreign-based tech companies, 54% cite distrust in their governments as their reason.



On average, 73% of global respondents worry about their data privacy.



65% worry tech will make it impossible to know if what people are seeing or hearing is real, a 6-point increase since January 2021.



60% agree that the use of technology to replace human workers will increase income inequality.


Special Report: Trust in the Workplace

Beyond Performance, Tech must do more


Demonstrate commitment to climate and labor

Only 4 in 10 say that tech companies are doing well on reducing their impact on climate change, as well as ensuring suppliers are environmentally conscious and engaged in fair labor practices.



Train workers your technology displaces

68% agree that tech companies should be required to contribute resources to the reskilling of workers displaced by their technologies.



Pay your fair share of taxes

Only 42% say tech companies are currently doing this well, and that agreement is even lower across developed markets.





CEOs: Show Empathy and Leadership

In developed markets, only 44% say that tech companies are led by people who genuinely care about the welfare of people and society, and less than 4 in 10 globally say that CEOs are doing well on using their power to benefit society as a whole rather than indulge in their own personal fantasies.



A new way to build trust in tech



Broadcast integrity through action


Take on the biggest challenges of our time


Fill the policy vacuum


Communicate a vision that I can opt into

Tech Leads All Sectors on Trust. Will it last?

Sanjay Nair, Global Technology Chair

Innovation has powered trust in technology for years. But cracks are starting to show as geopolitics prove inescapable, developing and developed markets drift apart, and the sector’s executive leadership appears to be disconnected from the public.



Moderated by Margot Edelman, Deputy General Manager, New York, Edelman and data presenter, Sanjay Nair, Global Chair of Technology, Edelman. Our esteemed panel included Paroma Chowdhury, SVP of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, BYJU’s; Benedict Evans, Independent Analyst; Dr. Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation, University of London; Dan’l Lewin, CEO & President, Computer History Museum.




This survey was fielded between August 31 and September 12, 2022.




Respondents (employed, age 18+)


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