Amid one of the greatest workplace disruptions, set against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, political instability and eroding institutional trust, “My Employer” has emerged as an anchor of trust and stability.

As today’s societal issues continue to mount, employees now see their workplace as a safe space for debate and turn to it as a primary source of community — before their neighbors and religious organizations.


of employees trust their employer


of employees believe the people they work with are a significant source of community in their life


of employees say they trust their co-workers, ahead of their manager, head of HR and their CEO

There is a new employer mandate: employers must leverage the powerful force of employees to restore societal trust from the inside out — from the workplace to the marketplace.


Special Report: Trust in the Workplace

To Earn Employee Trust, CEOs Must Trust Their Employees


of employees feel trusted by their CEO, and in return, they trust…


of employees don’t feel trusted by their CEO, and in return, they trust…

The Employer Role in Restoring Societal Trust


CEOs: Trust Your People

To show your trust in your employees, actively seek out their views, act on their input and make decisions with transparency.



Address Societal Issues

Address societal issues that align to your mission, and give your people social impact through their work.



Bridge Societal Divides

Solve the equation of how do you address societal divides while keeping the polarization out of the workplace.




Restore Societal Trust from the Workplace Out

Set the tone for civil discourse publicly, and encourage your employees to be ambassadors for civility in their interactions outside the workplace.


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Moderated by CEO and editor in chief of Charter, Kevin Delaney, our esteemed panel included Anuradha Razdan, Executive Director HR HUL & CHRO, Unilever South Asia; Dane Holmes, Co-Founder and CEO, Eskalera; Dylan Gambardella, Co-Founder & CEO, Next Gen HQ; and Nicola Acutt, Vice President, Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), VMware.




This survey was fielded between July 27 and August 8, 2022.




Respondents (employed, age 18+)


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