As the world, and especially photography, has gone digital, American families are no longer printing their family pictures, resulting in HP noticing a heavy decline in sales for its photo printers.

HP, as a committed partner to diversity and inclusion efforts, wanted to challenge people to think differently about photography, while simultaneously increasing its sales. For this project, HP sought to create a purpose-driven campaign that would not only reinforce their leadership in diversity but would also promote the relevance of printed photos in today’s screen-driven society.

In the U.S., three out of four people picture an all-American family as a white mom, dad and kids. When in reality, only one-in-our American families actually match that portrait. As one of the leading brands of photo printers for home use, and a company committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, HP saw an opportunity to confront this unconscious bias through the lens of family portraits.

We invited a group of people to construct their ideas of an all-American family portrait from what appeared to be a random group of Americans. We later revealed 13 real families hidden within the group, debunking outdated stereotypes.

In the end, everyone came together around the real family portraits, reminding us of the powerful emotions that are elicited as part of printing and displaying photos while celebrating the true diversity of the all-American family.

We captured this experience in an online film designed to provoke attention and start a conversation. We created an online destination hosting the full results of the survey we conducted, what the data revealed and featured portraits of our all-American families. We also created social-first assets to distribute the film and invited people to continue the conversation across social media platforms by sharing portraits of their own families with the hashtag: #reinventmindsets.

The Impact

  • The campaign drew a large amount of positive media attention, mostly focusing in on HP’s stance promoting for diversity and inclusion
  • During the first week of October, CNBC’s Power Lunch highlighted HP’s "All-American Family Portrait" short film in a segment discussing consumers’ preference for brands that “take a stand”
  • The film was mentioned on CNN's Quest Means Business
  • The campaign was featured as Adweek’s “Ad of the Day”
  • Featured in Fast Company’s “Top 5 Ads of the Week”
  • The “All-American Family Portrait” film delivered a massive 48% purchase intent for HP printers