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The anonymity of social media has led to a terrible rise in body shaming. The internet is experienced as a lawless space, where the ordinary rules of etiquette and accountability don’t apply.


Today, the body positivity movement has reached mainstream brands and media but bodies that don’t comply with mainstream beauty standards are still the targets of hatred, especially on social media.

Dove wanted to raise awareness on the issue of body shaming on social media, engage their target audience (women aged 18-50) and create conversation around the topic, which would also elevate the Dove brand and its purpose.


We created the Dove Bodylove installation to promote conversation online & offline around the global issue of body shaming. By bringing to life an Instagram post for passers-by to interact with, and an online film of the interactions, we created earned media through publications, influencers and their followers which also elevated the Dove brand & it’s key message of body positivity.

The campaign centered around a 7x9 foot box with a live model in just her underwear and a cardigan, and featured a “comment section” showing hateful body shaming comments taken from online. The exhibit confronted onlookers and gave them an opportunity to respond by countering the hate with positive messages of their own.


We successfully reached Dove’s audience of women 18-50 interested in positive beauty by diversifying the channels and audience and making the content easy to share and consume.

In addition to the live installation, we produced a short film of reactions and reflections and promoted it across Dove’s owned channels and earned and paid media and engaged with influencers to further amplify the message.

We went further by using the campaign to educate Dove’s audience on actions they could take to fight body shaming and stand with the body shamed.


The campaign achieved a total media reach of 75 million, 500,000 views of the online film and a 5x higher interaction rate than any other Dove campaign, enhancing their reputation with their target audience.


Total Media Reach


Views of online film