eBay x Nike Skateable Box



Nike and eBay united to honor the iconic "eBay Dunks" and revive the essence of SB Dunks. Introducing the world's first skateable sneaker box, transforming the symbol of untouched shoes into a catalyst for unleashing SB Dunks' true purpose: skateboarding. Embrace the revolution, embrace the heritage.


In 2003, the Nike SB Charity Dunk (known as the "eBay Dunk") sold for over $30,000 to an anonymous bidder, benefitting skateparks in Portland, Oregon. The shoe was totally unique and one-of-a-kind to protect the value of the original.

Twenty years later, Nike and eBay joined forces to re-release the elusive "eBay Dunk." Challenged by a saturated sneaker market, our mission was clear: reignite the passion of skaters and sneaker enthusiasts. SB Dunks, once revered for their skating prowess, had become a collector's item. We aimed to restore their true purpose by breaking the cycle of untouched sneakers.


To remind people why SB Dunks were created in the first place, eBay saw an opportunity to take the modern phenomenon of unworn sneakers, the shoebox, and transform it into a tool to encourage the shoes to be used as they were designed.

We converted the unassuming shoebox into a revolutionary tool for skateboarders to actually skate with. Every aspect of the design considered the skating community; the box was developed in partnership with skilled skaters and hand crafted by experts. The box's contents paid homage to the history of the sneakers, and the boxes were to be auctioned on eBay to honour Nike SB's creator, Sandy Bodecker.

Placing the skating community at the heart of every decision illustrated how dedicated Nike and eBay are to this audience, and to the Nike SB legacy, 20 years on.


Each skateable box contained two pairs of sneakers, one replica pair to honor the original sneakers, and one of the new 2022 shoes.

The box was designed to have the endurance and performance abilities of a skatepark obstacle, while still honoring the shape and proportions of a sneaker box. The visual design honored Nike SB's heritage with eBay's signature shipping tape woven through, while numbered plaques ensured authenticity. Every element was meticulously crafted to resonate with the skating community and inspire the joy of skating once again.


special edition boxes were auctioned on eBay before the release to generate excitement, raising over $350,000 for the Bodecker Foundation


earned impressions, with feature coverage In Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Complex, Hypebeast and Transworld Skateboarding


increase in eBay searches for "SB Dunks," reinstating interest in the skate shoe