Responding to the Covid-19 lockdown—and the fact that students were no longer in school—HP launched an educational program to support students, parents and teachers during this unprecedented time.

‘Be Online’ is a program that provides access and connections to educational resources, training programs and educational advice.

Through our research and analysis of the current media climate, we discovered that the IT media were looking for stories of how tech can remedy the problem of closed schools and other educational establishments.

We also knew that HP wanted to raise their brand awareness and reinforce their reputation as a trusted company that helps to solve the challenges of customers and communities.


Edelman had to act quickly to maximize the window for media interest. We coordinated a 24-hour pitching campaign to ensure HP rose to the top and made the IT media’s headlines, ultimately leading to more students having access to their learning resources.

In less than 24 hours, we managed to create a press release (and gain approval for it), build a media list, distribute the press release and pitch to media.

We targeted media spanning the IT and financial sectors, as well as the general media and education channels in Spain. For an even wider reach, we also targeted some of the main Spanish newswires (such as Europa Press which ensured a good outreach in regional outlets).


The campaign has helped HP to create web leads in more than 350 schools and resulted in + 25,000 teachers in Spain showing interest in the solution during the first weeks of the Covid-19 crisis.

We managed to secure 20 national and regional media placements in a very short space of time, with 2 million impressions spanning across the general media, as well as across financial media channels.