KFC has been one of Australia’s biggest youth employers for decades, with 90 percent of their restaurant staff being 25 years old or younger - but the public didn’t know that. So how do you let everyone know that KFC cares about young Aussies?

We decided to leverage the launch of KFC’s Youth Foundation to get the word out about the company’s charity efforts, but without the stuffy corporate feel. With the founding of the new youth organization, we launched new limited-edition KFC merchandise ranging from enamel pins to chicken-scented surf wax. And of course, every purchase was a donation to the foundation.


The Impact

  • 400+ pieces of coverage across Australia’s main media outlets
  • The limited-edition KFC merchandise collection became a social media sensation in the U.S., UK, Japan, France and Spain
  • The campaign reached 1+ billion people around the world
  • Brand trust in KFC increased by 5% as a result of the launch
  • The collection sold out in hours
  • The 200,000 pins available in KFC stores became collectables
  • In total, the campaign raised over $1.18 million in donations