Australia has been slow to embed and adopt online shopping, with malls dominating the landscape. We wanted to use PayPal’s trusted voice and positive online experience to help give Aussie shoppers the confidence to shop online. PayPal has already captured 40 percent of the available audience on its online platforms, but people stop engaging with the PayPal button when shopping online.

We needed to reengage PayPal’s base by showing them just how easy making payments with the platform is. Using Australian comic Matt Okine, we created a webisode based, shopping game show, where we showed our audience how they could sort their shopping in a flash. Challenging them to buy as many things as they could in under five minutes, on us.

Through the content series we were able show how easy it is to shop with Paypal and the wide range of items you can find through their merchants.

The Impact

  • Delivered 10 times more engagement than the digital campaign running at the same time
  • 5 Minutes Flat was 3.5 times more cost effective than the digital campaign
  • Videos garnered a 61% continuation rate with more than half of viewers that watched half an episode watching until the end
  • 148 media clips
  • 1.3M Australians reached
  • 4 times lift in incremental users
  • Extra 1 million PayPal transactions
  • 53% above our transaction target