The Call of Cats


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With China's top running app, Joyrun, we orchestrated an immersive brand activity for Petgugu, a new pet product in Shanghai. Using automatic feeding stations, we guided runners along pre-established routes to feed stray cats in Shanghai. Demonstrating product benefits in a fun and original way, Petgugu left a pawprint on hearts and minds.


There are over 300,000 stray cats in Shanghai. While some locals feed them, certain areas receive more attention than others, leaving many vulnerable cats without food.

Petgugu wanted to build brand awareness and appeal to socially conscious consumers, while highlighting the benefits of its products in a uniquely fun and experiential way.


On World Stray Animal Day, Petgugu and Joyrun, China’s premier running app, joined forces to launch the innovative "The Call of Cats" program. Shanghai's runners embarked on a mission, armed with cat food and the Joyrun app, to follow curated routes leading them to strategically placed Petgugu feeding stations across the city.

At each station, automatic cat feeding stations awaited, ready to be replenished by the runners. This powerful synergy of fitness and charity created a unique opportunity to foster a healthier and more compassionate society while showcasing the remarkable product features of Petgugu.


Through Joyrun, runners embarked on an extraordinary journey, visiting various Petgugu feeding stations via select routes in Shanghai. The app guided them to stations needing replenishment, fostering engagement and ensuring no hungry cats are overlooked.

Confirmation was a breeze with a QR code scan, displaying the feeding count. This initiative fostered an active lifestyle while supporting animal welfare, forging a profound bond between Petgugu and its audience beyond mere product sales.


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