Upsa is a pharmaceutical company based in France specializing in pain management and self-medication.

In the face of Covid-19, Upsa is one of the major pharmaceutical companies producing paracetamol in France (brand name: Efferalgan, Dafalgan). Paracetamol is recognized as the main over-the-counter treatment for symptoms of Covid-19 that is being recommended by the French health authorities.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategic approach in response to the Covid-19 crisis was for the brand to speak out pre-emptively and clearly, through a proactive PR campaign to cover three key areas:

  1. Reassure the public of Upsa's paracetamol production capacity by recognizing the exceptional effort made by employees within the factories.
  2. Position Upsa as one of the French leaders in the market (versus competitors).
  3. Enhance the value of French production as a way of preserving France's health independence.

We conceived and delivered a tactical PR approach including:

  • Informal, one-on-one meetings with media opinion leaders, starting at the beginning of the crisis
  • Interviews with the CEO to highlight Upsa’s key messages, for instance with AFP or RTL or Le Figaro
  • TV and radio reports inside the factories (France 2, RTL, TF1)
  • Dissemination of regular statements to the local media (for the local footprint of the company) and corporate media.

The key messages of this PR campaign were also relayed through dedicated internal communication and social media assets.


The campaign succeeded in three main areas:

  • First, the campaign has been met with positive feedback from employees and trade unions; it was a major brand visibility challenge to maintain the level of production required and to be recognized for succeeding in that – but that’s what this campaign achieved.
  • Second, the campaign generated an increased media presence for the brand.
  • Third, the campaign has given Upsa a new voice in the debate; for instance, Upsa’s key messages have been relayed by French Members of Parliament.