Sleep Rave

Samsung Electronics Netherlands


To break through with young people in the Netherlands, Samsung hacked the Amsterdam Dance Event by hosting the world's first ever sleep rave.


The smartwatch market has rapidly expanded in recent years. There are so many options, it’s hard to stand out, even as a recognized brand. Samsung needed a way to cut through the noise, target Gen MZ and showcase their sleep tracking tool, Galaxy Watch6 in the Dutch market. With the largest Dutch rave and dance event approaching, we saw our opportunity to get Samsung’s sleep technology in front of the public.

Our objectives were to:

  • Increase sales of the Galaxy Watch6
  • Create a connection between quality sleep and the Galaxy Watch6 • Increase purchase consideration for smart watches


The issue was that Dutch Gen MZ weren’t interested in how they were sleeping even though research surveys show that their sleep is being significantly impacted after they attend gigs & festivals.

With the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Netherlands biggest music festival about to take place we decided to tackle the problem by turning the enemy of good sleep into the solution. Without being a sponsor we had to get creative and hijack the moment.

Introducing the Samsung Sleep Rave. An 8-hour set of newly created electronic sleep music where we could track and collect the participants sleep data using the Samsung Galaxy Watch6’s sleep tracking tool. We partnered with DJs Mr Belt & Wezol and sleep expert, Dr Els van der Helm, and ran an event just days before the whole city would be dancing to help develop the ultimate Sleep Rave track. A soundtrack we could release after ADE and help everyone get back to a good night’s sleep.


We created the world's first ever Sleep Rave, a destination during the festival for ravers to doze off in comfortable beds, while listening to an 8hr, sleep enhancing DJ set. Held at a well-known venue for dance parties: The Chaptel of Hotel Arena in Amsterdam.

The Sleep Rave monitored ravers’ sleep pattern throughout the night with the Galaxy Watch6 sleep coaching tool measuring sleep stages, sleep score, snoring and sleep consistency to understand and improve sleep. Participants included from journalists from key media publications in the Netherlands.

The sleep data collected during the Sleep Rave was then used to develop the ultimate sleep track. The binaural track is engineered to take you on a journey to a deep and restful sleep. We premiered the track on Spotify October 29, the day when we change the clocks for winter, a day notorious for negatively affecting your sleep rhythm.


Through the Sleep Rave, we successfully promoted the Samsung’s Galaxy Watch6 sleep coaching tool:

  • 32% increase in consideration
  • 866,520 minutes played on Spotify
  • 30M impressions, generating 39 articles and 82 social posts across Instagram and TikTok
  • 29.5M+ reach including o 22M+ in earned media coverage
  • 1.8M+ in earned social content from media outlets
  • 5.9M in paid social content from Mr Belt & Wezol, Spinnin (dance label) & Dr Els van der Helm


increase in sales


in earned media coverage