As human beings, there are few things we rely on as much as sleep. Unfortunately, those suffering from Atopic Dermatitis rarely get a good night's rest. In fact, the Eczema Society of Canada found that 79% of respondents reported a significant loss of sleep.

Knowing it’s impossible to understand what’s it’s like to have AD without actually having it, we created the next best thing – an experience that would create a real-world simulation of what a sufferer experiences. So, we built The World's Most Uncomfortable Bed.

This multi-sensory sleep experience included pillows and linens containing the itchiest materials on earth, a specially constructed mattress that ensured tossing and turning, and a device that interrupted REM sleep with intermittent hot flashes. By creating this simulator and having loved ones experience the same disruptive sleep experience for themselves, we could then film the story and conversation around the condition.

The Impact

Post campaign, a quantitative research study was conducted that proved the effectiveness of our campaign. In that study:

  • 94% of people reported increased awareness of Atopic Dermatitis
  • 93% of people said it made them more empathetic towards those living with AD
  • 91% said it gave them a better understanding of what life is like for those living with the condition
  • 79% increase in intention to talk to a doctor or medical professional
  • 300% increase in interest to visiting the website