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Mexican Pizza was set to make its long-awaited return to Taco Bell Canada after fans had been clamoring across the country. To prove this nostalgic favorite is worthy of the hype, Taco Bell turned to ChatGPT – a natural language processing tool developed by OpenAI – to write its own review of the Mexican Pizza.


The challenge was to generate some major excitement surrounding the comeback of the nostalgic cult favorite, Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, while driving home our core strategy of making Taco Bell an unmissable destination.


In 2020, Taco Bell took its Mexican Pizza off its Canadian menus to help streamline its operations during the Covid-19 pandemic, and consumers were not shy to express their disappointment. It became a nationwide story and part of the cultural zeitgeist at the time.

In the pizza’s return to the menu, our team knew we needed to do something that was hyper-relevant and relaunch the pizza in a way that drummed up consumer excitement. What better way than via AI? To kickstart the highly anticipated return of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, we took a multifaceted approach leveraging AI, influencers and multi-media.


First, we enlisted the help of ChatGPT to generate an authentic review that we included in our own re-launch press release. We then harnessed the creative prowess of our always-on, ever-vibrant influencers – the Taco Bell Rebels – who came up with their own entertaining ChatGPT reviews. To ensure a diverse range of reviews, we challenged our influencers to be inventive and input prompts that would resonate with their audiences and the type of content they typically share… Picture a review about Mexican Pizza from the perspective of a powerful sorceress living in the world of myth…

Then our influencers unboxed their very own, melty Mexican Pizza delving into the ultimate question: did AI capture the essence? This fusion sparked a campaign that left taste buds and imaginations ablaze.


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