For years, tea companies have relied on meditative cliches to market their calming teas to consumers. As its calming tea category sales stagnated, TAZO Zen needed to prove that it was a different type of tea—not just one for relaxation, but one that helps people tackle different creative challenges and obstacles that they may be facing.


TAZO was founded on explorations and venturing into the unknown. Using this as a guiding principle to appeal to a younger, previously untapped audience of tea drinkers, we reframed TAZO Zen as a way to help people unlock their deep creative potential and partnered with RZA, legendary rapper, founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan and Zen Master, to guide this personal unlocking.

With guided meditations rising in popularity, we partnered with RZA to produce his first-ever spoken-word album, Guided Explorations. The six-track EP guided listeners through creative exercises to break down mental roadblocks, infused with anecdotes and active guidance from RZA himself over heavy hip-hop beats. Just as this newly produced EP was designed to ground, inspire and unlock creativity, TAZO’s Zen tea is there to fuel the body and soul.


The EP was dropped on every major streaming platform and generated:

  • 17% sales increase of TAZO Zen tea
  • More than 1.5 billion total impressions on social
  • 940 secured media placements
  • The full album garnered 1 million streams across Spotify and Apple Music