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TAZO revolutionized advertising with the world's first regenerative ad to promote their new range of regenerative teas. Carbon emissions were meticulously minimized during production, delivering a ground-breaking commercial that educated viewers on regenerative principles. The ad's eco-friendliness mirrored the teas, solidifying TAZO's commitment to the environment.


In 2022, TAZO embarked on a transformative journey, pledging a multi-year plan to revamp their entire product supply chain for environmental sustainability. As they prepared to introduce a new line of regenerative tea, TAZO recognized that their ad must encapsulate their unwavering commitment to the planet.

Although 80% of TAZO's core audience found the new teas appealing, 68% harbored doubts about TAZO's ability to truly combat climate change. Gaining the trust and support of the eco-activist community became paramount for a successful campaign.

The challenge was immense: proving to consumers that TAZO actively fought for and protected the planet by creating an ad as eco-friendly as the teas themselves.


In a startling revelation, a typical film shoot alone emits over 200 tons of CO2eq, equivalent to the carbon footprint of 16 American citizens in a year. To combat this, TAZO embarked on a mission to create the most environmentally conscious ad ever produced, rooted in regenerative farming principles.

Regenerative farming goes beyond sustainability, focusing on holistic practices that restore and improve soil health, enhance biodiversity, and foster resilient farming communities. This approach deeply resonates with TAZO's eco-activist audience, primarily Gen Z and active TikTok users.

In a world where 42% of green claims made by companies in 2020 turned out to be false or exaggerated, TAZO prioritized full transparency. It was crucial to prove their sincerity and integrity, earning the trust and admiration of their audience. TAZO aimed to authentically engage in the ongoing eco-conversations online, showcasing their commitment in an unfiltered and genuine manner.


Every aspect of the ad production underwent meticulous analysis to ensure maximum regenerative impact. Location, lighting, and catering were carefully considered. With a local crew, transport emissions were reduced by 75%.

Transparency was paramount, and the entire process was recorded to avoid untrue accusations. Recognizing the immense energy consumption of broadcasting a single ad (equivalent to 144 Paris to New York return flights), TAZO strategically launched the campaign on their active TikTok social channels. This platform allowed them to engage with the eco-activist community already immersed in climate content.

Collaborations with climate activists and purpose-driven partner organizations further bolstered engagement by endorsing TAZO's efforts and establishing credibility. Transforming the film into a fundraiser, TAZO pledged to donate $1 (up to $250,000) to the Rodale Institute for every view, aligning their environmental mission with tangible impact.

The Outcome

The result was resoundingly positive, with hundreds of thousands of Americans educated on the importance of regenerative agriculture and TAZO receiving widespread praise for reimagining ad production. All future TAZO ads will follow regenerative farming principles. Additionally, TAZO regenerative tea sales have turned faster than the original product, with 44% of buyers being new to the brand. TAZO earned #2 spot on Fast Company's list of Most Innovative Food Companies of 2023




donation to the Rodale Institute — a global leader in regenerative organic agriculture

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