QMUNITY* is a Vancouver nonprofit that works to improve LGBTQ lives through services, connection and leadership. In order to attract more sponsors, QMUNITY looked to Edelman Vancouver to revamp its 2018 Corporate Sponsorship Package. The Edelman team leveraged its expertise, resources and research to create a reimagined package that helped QMUNITY express their mission and vision in a fun, engaging way. Since the package launch, QMUNITY has secured its corporate sponsorship goal for the year. Through content creation and stakeholder engagement, the Edelman Vancouver team also helped QMUNITY create a new professional presence and incorporate its values into how it presents itself to the community.

The work paid off: QMUNITY exceeded its donation targets, generated positive feedback from internal and external partners, and defined a visual identity that continues to resonate and is proudly representative of the Vancouver LGBTQ/2S community.

*PRO BONO client