Staying at home, limiting time spent outdoors and avoiding social contact is currently vital. We can all agree on its importance. However, that doesn’t make suddenly having to become a 24/7 family entertainer because schools are closed, or not being able to follow your usual fitness routine, any easier.

Strategy and Execution

Bosch Home & Garden has a brand mission: to inspire people and enable them to turn their living environment into a true individual home.

Taking this into account, we saw an opportunity for Bosch be part of a solution, bringing more quality to people’s quarantine experience.

We set out to inspire people, encouraging them to get creative and learn new skills for the home and garden during lockdown, thereby enriching their time at home.

We created a newsletter for a broad audience, showcasing creative and easy DIY projects that the whole family could take part in. It included guidance on how to do DIY work with young kids, as well as instructions on how to build your very own gym at home. Since many people are also using the time to clean up their homes and gardens, we also assembled helpful hacks such as how to easily get rid of rambling weeds or get clean and streak-free windows every time.

The project was conducted under the popular hashtag #westayathome (which was trending in Germany), allowing the Bosch brand to positively reinforce important safety advice while aiming to inject some positivity into their customer’s home experience.


The Bosch Home & Garden #westayathome project has given Bosch an opportunity to show up as a responsible brand and positively impact their customers' quarantine experience, at a very challenging time.