Serving Our Clients

As a leading global communications marketing firm, we strive to offer our clients a truly integrated network and global approach in everything we do—whether it’s cultivating stakeholder relationships, developing thought leadership platforms, creating digital strategies, or unleashing breakthrough creative ideas that translate across cultures and borders. Our global reach allows us to create customized teams dedicated to helping clients achieve their unique business goals.

While each client is unique, our standards of excellence are universal. That’s why we’ve built global programming guidelines to provide a standard approach to creating the strategy and idea to the tactical programs and measurement. Our team of senior strategists and creative thinkers partner with account leads to offer our clients a continuous flow of fresh new thinking and game-changing ideas. Because at our core, what we’re all about is successfully supporting every client, every day.


Global Client Relationship Management Program

For our largest global clients, we have created a best-in-industry approach to managing multi-market client relationships, which we call our Global Client Relationship Management program.

We appoint a Global Client Relationship Manager (GCRM), who is responsible for overseeing the global client relationship, setting the strategy and managing the core client team. GCRMs are dedicated to bringing the best of Edelman resources to our clients—wherever and whenever required.

This client-centric approach ensures that all practices and offices around the world working on the client’s business follow consistent standards, protocols and processes. Our client relationship managers facilitate the regular flow of information and ideas, cultivate the growth of the team relationship and monitor significant client business developments—especially changes in strategic direction that may impact communications programming.

These practices not only provide a global perspective on the business for Edelman, but they also offer our clients better insight into the structure of the work we do, which can ultimately lead to better value and efficiencies through streamlining resources, best practice sharing and enhanced team integration and collaboration.


IQ: A Commitment to Quality

We take a long-term, dynamic approach to client satisfaction, working tirelessly to earn our clients’ trust and demonstrate a meaningful impact on their business. 

We call our approach IQ because the name captures our promise to clients—Impact through Quality—and ensures we are meeting our clients’ expectations while remaining rooted in our long-standing commitment to excellence.

Core to our approach is Edelman Excellence (E2), an account evaluation system that helps to build long-term, rewarding partnerships with clients while meeting their business and communications objectives. The evaluation process not only keeps programs running smoothly, but also allows for mid-course changes to best meet evolving needs and fluctuating industry trends without losing sight of agreed-upon goals.

By more regularly collecting feedback, we can better address specific account and relationship issues in real-time, and identify larger patterns and trends across our offices, regions, practices and client teams.

Our goal is to constantly improve our clients’ overall satisfaction with their Edelman experience. Impact is what we deliver. Quality is how we deliver it.