Modern marketers and communicators share two critical goals — first, to identify and understand their most valuable audiences and prompt them to take actions that build brand and business; and second, to quantify the impact of those efforts. The recent emergence of cloud-enabled communications technology offerings to match the more established marketing cloud technology offerings allows for earned to be similarly audience-centric, data-driven, and tech-enabled in achieving this vision.

Edelman's performance communications team blends talent, strategic process, and technology to leverage data and insights that help us create, distribute, and optimize the performance of earned content for our clients’ targeted audiences. Through an exclusive partnership with Cision, the industry leader in cloud-enabled communications technologies, we can access vast amounts of audience demographic and firmographic data captured in the communications cloud, allowing us to better understand and activate the targeted audiences that engage with our clients’ communications programs.

We capture true earned ROI and engage in audience building and activation, just as our marketing peers do. Our approach to earned audience insights, segmentation and targeting borrows from marketing best practices used in areas such as programmatic advertising. Our ability to customize, test and measure the performance of earned messaging takes communications to the next level of accountability and audience precision.

We built our suite of performance communications services for a simple reason: Technology unlocks better data, and better data paired with better insights leads to more impact for our clients.