Edelman currently has six employee networks representing diverse groups that are open to all members of our workforce: Global Women's Equality Network (GWEN); Edelman Equal, focused on the LGBTQ community; Edelman Griot, focused on the Black community, Edelman Inclusivo, our Latino network, our Veterans network, Edelman Forward; and Edelman Boundless, a resource for our Asian community. The networks not only provide an internal culture of respect and awareness, but also demonstrate our ability to work globally and leverage various individual and belief systems.

Global Women’s Equality Network (GWEN)

Edelman’s Global Women’s Equality Network (GWEN) is an internal initiative with a mission to continue to foster an environment where women of all backgrounds can enjoy equal opportunities to grow, lead and succeed in and beyond Edelman. Since inception in 2011, our goal has been to achieve gender parity within our firm’s most senior levels. As we continue working toward our goal sustainably and inclusively, we are committed to providing opportunities, access and growth for women across all career levels at Edelman.

Edelman Equal

Edelman Equal is our network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender employees and their Allies (LGBTA). The mission of Edelman Equal is to inspire a diverse and inclusive environment that enables LGBT employees to be their authentic selves and drives forward the firm's business within the context of an evolving global society. Through this effort, we focus on employee advocacy, business development and organizational culture.

Edelman Griot

Edelman Griot is a network for Edelman’s Black employees and all colleagues who have a desire to learn more about the community. With roots to Western Africa, the griot is a storyteller whose job encompasses many roles — from recounting history and sharing information to teaching students and acting as diplomats. This legacy has a strong connection to the role we play as storytellers for our clients. Through Griot, employees share experiences and nurture their heritage of storytelling to inspire, educate, engage and motivate people to take action and drive greater business value.

Edelman Inclusivo

Edelman Inclusivo is our network for our Latino employees and those who have an interested in learning more about this community. Inclusivo strives to create an inclusive environment for Edelman Latino employees and their allies. The group leverages professional expertise and personal experiences to support and advance the Latino community through Edelman client work and in our local markets.

Edelman Forward

Edelman Forward unites the skills, experience and leadership of the agency’s military veteran, National Guard and Reserve employees and their families. Edelman Forward fosters a veteran-friendly workplace and community, while supporting and engaging veterans in their paths toward post-military success at Edelman. Edelman Forward also leverages the professional expertise and personal experiences of our veteran employees and their allies to support and advance the veteran community.

Edelman Boundless

Edelman Boundless is committed to highlighting the cultural and business value Asian perspectives offer to Edelman and our clients. Boundless will serve as a vehicle to build an internal community in which Asian employees can collaborate, relate and grow while sharing their unique experience. Through this effort, the network will focus on driving employee community, increasing avenues for empowerment and educating others of the incredibly diverse Asian experience.