Edelman’s Global Women’s Equality Network (GWEN) is an internal initiative with a mission to continue to foster an environment where women of all backgrounds can enjoy equal opportunities to grow, lead and succeed in and beyond Edelman.

Since inception in 2011, our goal has been to achieve gender parity within our firm’s most senior levels. As we continue working toward our goal sustainably and inclusively, we are committed to providing opportunities, access and growth for women across all career levels at Edelman.

With nearly 2,000 engaged members worldwide, including representation from all regions and job levels, GWEN stands for a global community that is passionate about, and committed to, ensuring women feel motivated and empowered to strive for, and become, company and industry leaders. The GWEN community stays connected through regular and ongoing communications, social media channels, global webinars and guest speaker series, local office events, and more.

With GWEN, we continue to push for progress and aim to provide business and cultural value through – and by measuring the impact of – a variety of efforts:

  • We track representation globally and regionally to ensure we achieve and maintain gender parity in leadership roles. In addition, we conduct a global pay analysis in partnership with an external data analysis firm every alternate year to ensure equal pay for equal work.

  • We focus on region-specific goals as well as specific areas that need attention, including mentorship and sponsorship, networking and collaboration, education and training, career pathing, and learning and growth opportunities.

  • We continue to make enhancements to employee recruitment, retainment and succession efforts, such as ensuring gender balance among interviewers for all roles, increasing awareness of internal career opportunities, and developing essential resources for recruiters.

  • We are implementing a “GWEN4All” initiative to encourage everyone at Edelman to get more actively involved with GWEN, and ensure programming reflects the fact that the GWEN community is inclusive regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or belief.

  • We strive to make a broader impact to empower women through partnering with external organizations, including International Women’s Forum, G(irls)20 and United for News. We also signed on to the United Nations We Empowerment Principles to promote economic empowerment of women at work through responsible business conduct in G7 countries.

  • We provide strategic client counsel through our Women @ Work offering, comprised of a multi-disciplinary Edelman team, to help organizations and brands with how they lead and communicate with women.