Our Business Marketing team is a different kind of agency partner. We design targeted communications strategies that leverage the best of PR, marketing, advertising and demand generation—all underpinned by an editorial mindset that sets us apart. Our integrated approach elevates brands beyond their functional benefits, cuts through the noise and delivers stories that influence customers in the right places, at the right times.

We are an unusually effective combination of B2B communications and marketing strategists, former business journalists, creatives and media and martech experts that you will not find elsewhere. On any given day, we’re conducting buyer research to help clients seize crucial touchpoints in the customer journey, developing thought leadership platforms to earn standout media coverage, or executing targeted paid media programs to drive digital hand-raisers and earned-exposed audiences into the funnel.

We help B2B brands...

  • Create communications of substance, earn thought leadership and win preference in the minds of B2B customers. 73 percent of B2B marketers say that when their thought leadership efforts are successful, it is because of deep thinking and intellectual rigor.* Editorial insights and compelling content that drills down to customer pain points are at the core of what we do.
  • Move beyond generic, feature/benefit marketing to engage the buyer committee with specificity. We help clients understand the unique needs of specific decision-makers and win during critical touchpoints of the customer journey.
  • Make sense of the increasingly complicated marketing technology stack. From ABM and marketing automation to predictive intent and CRM, we are tool-agnostic and highly experienced in matching the right technical solutions to our clients’ specific needs—including maximizing the return on your existing martech investments.
*Source: Edelman-LinkedIn 2020 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report

2022 LinkedIn-Edelman B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report

Businesses around the world are facing a potential economic downturn that will disrupt many aspects of their operations, services, and activities. For many B2B companies, it is likely that budgets will tighten while sales cycles will extend – forcing decision-makers and C-suite executives to take a hard look at which partners are critical to running the business, and which are not.


2021 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study

B2B customer engagement is entering a new era. The Covid-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated digital selling, driving a permanent shift in how brands reach high value, business-to-business audiences. Against that backdrop, Edelman and LinkedIn collaborated on the fourth annual B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study to examine how thought leadership influences perception and buying behaviors among B2B decision-makers.

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2020 Covid Report

At U.S. companies of various size and in different industries, B2B leaders know their customers are facing economic uncertainty and pressure to preserve cash—but customers are still seeking unexpected opportunities to strengthen their position. Our new LinkedIn-Edelman collaborative survey of nearly 400 B2B executives in the U.S. was designed to highlight the state of decision-making-and strategic opportunity—in the new Covid environment.

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