At BioScience Communications, we continually strive to develop the most compelling means to communicate clients’ science stories, through highly immersive digital applications that draw the user into exploring multiple layers of content via touch, click, or swipe of the hand. We’ve won awards for interactive experiences melding language with sleek graphics, 3D animations and medical illustrations for use on booth touchscreen panels, tablets and web interfaces.  

Solid biomedical content, intuitive navigability, search optimization, social media integration and airtight compliance form the foundation of our web-based tactics, but that’s only the start toward creating online environments that engage, inform, educate and connect users. BioScience Communications understands how professionals and consumers access and share digital information.

Even when it comes to brochures and publications, many of our clients have gained extra value from our interactive pdfs: highly visual digital documents melding the functionality of a publication and a web page, extensively linked for navigation and drill-down content with access to external sites and media.