BioScience Communications is the global medical communications division of Edelman. We help science-driven companies and brands formulate and articulate their stories in compelling words and creative visualizations, delivered across both traditional venues and new platforms and media. Grounded in research data and clinical evidence, all of our work is informed by regulatory expertise and compliance with industry guidelines.

We assist our clients in building enduring partnerships across and beyond the medical field – with academics and policy makers, healthcare professionals and patient advocates, regulators and payers. To optimize and activate these relationships, we employ a proprietary mapping and assessment tool, expert optix, which generates in-depth, multidimensional reports that help guide engagement strategy. 

Our global team of strategists, medical directors, science writers and editors, researchers, meeting facilitators and account professionals has the training and background to translate the complexities of science and of the market to professional and lay audiences. Our deeply experienced senior leaders provide trusted counsel and strategic insight to biopharmaceutical giants and emerging biotechs. This combination of content expertise, industry experience and detailed execution explains why our clients turn to us – and return to us – for their medical communications needs.