Grounded in data and market insight and reality-tested with experts, the science narrative provides a clear and consistent blueprint for science communications to all internal and external audiences.

The need for a dedicated science narrative is greatest when science is the key differentiator and a client needs to explain in clear English what makes the science-intensive company, product, or franchise new and different for multiple stakeholders: HCPs, policy, health access, patient advocates. This may apply, for example, to a new biotech company where the science and the corporate brand are closely linked, or it may be needed for a mature product seeking a new indication or facing an ingredient or safety crisis.

Our proprietary science narrative workshop, designed specifically for science-driven companies and brands, also generates supporting messages and vocabulary, resulting in a complete science story informing content and outreach efforts across the full range of communication channels. Our science narratives help drive expert engagement, web site content, professional and patient education and engagement, sales training, market access and regulatory advocacy.