Increasingly, clear and compelling science visualizations are proving integral to scientific storytelling – enhancing comprehension, impact and memorability.

The Science Visualization Group, a specialty creative unit within BioScience Communications, melds clients’ strategic needs with our creative and graphic expertise to transform complex concepts and data into engaging media, from exhibit panels and presentation materials to infographics and high-end 3D biomedical animations. Our team brings decades of experience in developing still, motion and interactive graphics for clients in biopharmaceutical and related areas, establishing “visual nomenclatures” for products and pathways across a wide range of categories and disciplines.

We take special pride in our award-winning biomedical animations, which meet and exceed today’s new expectations for molecular veracity without sacrificing creative flair. These productions live many lives, through adaption for use in exhibit media, web pages, social media posts, modular interactive programs and peer‐to‐peer presentations. Through expert application of their training as medical illustrators and visually oriented science writers, our science visualizers educate and inform audiences at all levels of scientific proficiency.